Live in Carbondale: Scientists collect data during solar eclipse

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Across the United States, scientists set up 'dark spots' along the path of totality for the solar eclipse to gather data about the sun.

One of those 'dark spots' was in Carbondale not far from the Southern Illinois University campus.

The Citizen Continental American Telescopic Eclipse Experiment was set up in a corn filed several miles from the Southern Illinois University campus in Carbondale.

Scientists are gathering data to study the dynamics of the inter corona, the area between the sun and the outer corona.

"This eclipse gives us an excellent opportunity to access not only the inter-corona, but 90 minutes of it as it crosses the entire continent of the United States. Like a weatherman looking into a tornado. We are going to be able to get a lot more information," said Chris Mandrella, graduate assistant at SIU.

SIU poured concrete slabs specifically for the experiment.

Each group of scientists around the country is using the exact same setup to ensure consistent data.

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