Local activist group gathers to remember George Floyd one year later

NOW: Local activist group gathers to remember George Floyd one year later

WARSAW, Ind. -- Members of Voices Against Injustice gathered at the Kosciusko Courthouse for a memorial Tuesday night to remember George Floyd exactly one year after the 46-year-old was murdered by Minneapolis police. Members who turned out for protests last year hoping their efforts right here in their own community will continue to ignite calls for racial justice in Kosciusko county.

“It’s time you show me that my life matters," said a speaker at the event.

Secretary for the group, Zoie Lamar, says it’s one of several events they’ve done since last year to bring awareness to the racism present in their own community.

“People still refuse to recognize that in our community today in our community especially this means we have to come out and acknowledge it. Because if we wouldn’t be acknowledging it I don’t think anybody would," said Lamar.

The event focused on the work that needs to be done featuring several speakers calling out to the younger members of the group, saying it’s up to them to make sure change happens.

“I believe within the next few years that it’s going to be the younger voices that are going to be strong and loud. They are the ones that are creating this change in communities. Small communities like Warsaw," said member Sara Strahan.

The group will gather at the Shrine building in Warsaw on June 19th for Juneteenth celebrations.

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