Local artist paints Corby's Irish Pub

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- A local bar that’s been around for decades in South Bend is now the focus of a work of art.

Corby’s Irish Pub, a South Bend favorite since 1990, has been brought to life in a painting by local artist Larry Johnston.

 “Corby’s was just one of the ideas I had over the last few years,” Johnston said.  

The details are enough to wow anyone who sees the painting. Johnston said it took a little over a month from start to finish for him to complete.

“I probably did each brick four or five times until it came out how I wanted.”

The South Bend native has been all over the country exhibiting his artwork since the 1980s. His love for his craft and hometown colliding painting vivid pictures of local landmarks like the Morris Performing Arts Center, Bonnie Doon’s Drive-In and even the South Shore Line.

He says it all starts with a photo of his subject. Then comes the planning. 

“I try to come up for a good feel for when you look at the painting,” Johnston said. “For example, it’s raining outside, what kind of cars I want to put in it. It’s the fun of creating something, whether it’s this place, or another place, it’s bringing a lot of memories back to South Bend, Elkhart.”

If you want to purchase a print of Johnston’s work, you can visit his website for details.

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