Local bar donates food to hospital workers

NOW: Local bar donates food to hospital workers

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- Cheers Pub in South Bend has started a "Pay it Forward", pizza program to donate food to healthcare workers. People can donate money to the bar and the bar will deliver free pizza to health care workers.

Mikey Trix, became a partial owner of Cheers Pub in January. Less than three months later, the bar had to shut down its dining area because of Coronavirus. 

"We had a friend hit us up, who wanted to donate to our business, but not buy any food," said Trix. "She lives too far away for us to deliver or get carry out, so she called us up and said she wanted to donate to the business but I wanted to pay it forward to someone who needed pizza."

By chance, the next set of orders Cheers Pub received was from healthcare workers. 

"About 20 minutes later we got a call from the ER nurses over at Memorial," said Trix. "We immediately knew what we needed to do. We paid it forward to them."

Cheers Pub donated eight pizza to those nurses at no cost, and thus the "Pay It Forward" program was formed. 

"We wanted to start a program to help all the health care workers be fed, because they’re spending all of their time and energy making sure we’re safe, taking all the risks, so we wanted to do something nice for them," said Trix.

Those who want to donate can call the bar at 574-387-4642, send an email at [email protected] or visit its Facebook page here.

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