Local beekeeper's Honey from the Hood creating a lot of buzz

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A beekeeper on South Bend's west side is beating the odds with his Honey from the Hood. He has won multiple awards for his honey and is now looking to enter a national contest where he stands a good chance of winning.

For Tim Ives, the last decade has brought its fair share of hardships.

As a union carpenter, construction work is sporadic.

Back in 2002, when work was slow, he started to look for hobbies.

Ives found one he liked.

"I used to consume a lot of sugar, and when I quit drinking soda pop, I started using honey," said Ives.

He figured he could make it cheaper himself, but soon learned that wasn't the case at all.

For every 100 bees, it requires $30,000 in equipment.

Skilled with his hands, he found a way to make it work.

"The better you understand the finite tasks the bees do, the more infinite your beekeeping will become," said Ives.

That style of thinking led him to Sara Stewart of Unity Gardens.

She's focused on bringing healthy food to those who desperately need it.

"Honey is no exception. We have childhood obesity issues, we have chronic health issues," said Stewart.

Together they're working to expand Ives' project.

So far, they're exceeding expectations.

Their brand of 'Honey from the Hood' just won a state competition and now - they're trying to get to nationals.

"The enthusiasm level around this is extremely high," said Ives.

This non-profit still needs help to pay for the competition submission.

They have another month to come up with $2,500.

If you'd like to help out or buy some of the honey, click here to go to the Unity Gardens website.

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