Local business benefits from snow

One local business is booming as winter sport enthusiasts flock to obtain snowmobile trail permits. Krupp's Power Sports said their service department is the busiest it has been in 15 years.

David Widmar said, “We're always sad when there's not snow. It's an outdoor sport we enjoy going outdoor stuff. So we're excited when there's snow on the ground.”

One customer said he's hitting the trails tonight.

Widmar said, “Our plans are to go out about 5 or 5:30 p.m. then hit the restaurants on the way out then do some more riding afterwards and then stop again for something afterwards and then head home!”

Owner Norm Krupp said not only have they seen an influx of people coming for permits, but their service department has been slammed too.

Krupp said, “As far as your service end is, getting stuff ready, it's the busiest its been in 15 years! Some of it is a carry over from last year. Last year was an excellent year so people were anticipating another year like that.”

Krupp even had to hire an extra service tech to accommodate all the business.

Mike Reichanadtor said, “For a long time they only had two techs back there and now we've got three because business has picked up so much!”

Krupp said they've been in business on M62 at Redfield Road for 32 years.

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