Local business Dec-O-Art donates to LaSalle Elementary

ELKHART, Ind. -- Throughout 2021, as part of its 50th year of operations, Dec-O-Art plans to donate to various charities within the community, most recently to LaSalle Elementary.

LaSalle Elementary will now be able to create a “Minds in Motion” room, aimed at helping students better develop necessary regulation skills.

The room will be available every day to all of the students.

Bob O’Hara, Assistant Principal at LaSalle Elementary, said, “It’s a wonderful gift and we’re so thankful for what Dec-O-Art is doing.”

Highlighting the need for available resources in the community to aid in the development of children, Nathan Dosmann, President of Dec-O-Art said, “Our focus this month was education and the opportunity to contribute to an exciting developmental space at LaSalle Elementary to better develop the minds and bodies of children was a perfect occasion for us to advance our community in a way that truly matters.”

LaSalle Elementary hopes to have the new space completed by the beginning of the new school year in August.

To find out how Dec-O-Art can help your business, and find more information on their brand, please visit https://www.dec-o-art.com/

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