Local business offers free month-long service for veterans

NOW: Local business offers free month-long service for veterans

GRANGER, Ind. --- A local business is offering veterans and active military members free services starting on Veteran’s Day.

Lute’s Heating and Air Conditioning in Granger is waiving a $75 service fee starting Saturday and lasting throughout the month of November.

“If you’re in the service or a family member is in the service your spouse is overseas or something you need help please call us,” said Kenny Secaur, senior service technician.

Secaur said this is the company’s first time offering this deal to veterans. He said they are doing it to honor America’s brave men and women in the military and show the company’s dedication to service.

“The integrity of the company that we have here, yeah, it just feels really good to give back like that,” he said.

The idea came from the company’s owner, who just became a US citizen a couple of months ago.

“He gained a lot of respect from that process,” Secaur said. “Respect for the country and respect for how we get to be the country that we are which is of course the brave men and women.”

The service cost would usually cover the technician’s trip and a diagnosis of the customers problem, but again, that cost is being waived for the rest of the month.

“I hope they call us I appreciate meeting other veterans,” Secaur said. “They do deserve our respect and our gratitude and this is just one small way of doing that”

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