Local businesses react to federal unemployment benefits ending

MISHAWAKA, Ind. --- Help wanted signs can be found in front of most businesses right now and it’s something Governor Holcomb is hoping to eliminate. Having more work than employees and while Indiana’s unemployment rate has recovered to under 4 % business owners continue to turn down multiple clients due to a lack of staff.

“Our guys make... They have take home vehicles and we have matching 401k and health insurance and vacations and you know profit sharing and it’s not like this is like a po dog minimum wage job," said Brian Turay, President of Sun Services Inc.

Governor Holcomb recognizing the need to hire more Hoosiers, announced the state will be opting out of all federally funded pandemic unemployment programs starting June 19th.

“We had some people start last month and then have not - they got other jobs down the line. Worked a couple weeks and got other jobs somewhere else or just wanted to get out of the restaurant industry altogether," said Pat Tassell, Owner of Doc Pierce's restaurant in Mishawaka.

While the goal is to bring employees back into the workforce, Turay says it won’t be an immediate solution but it is a step in the right direction.

“You know everybody has the same story you know that they just have more than they know what to do with and they don’t have enough people to do it. So this is a step through legislation that put us in this spot to begin with to help draw it back the other way," said Turay.

Those who are actively seeking out work can request to be reinstated in the program temporarily but would need to provide proof of job applications beginning on June 1st.

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