Local church gives South Bend man another chance

For six years, South Bend resident Christopher Johnson has been part of Sweet Home Ministries in downtown South Bend but it’s his journey to get there that his pastor calls divine intervention.

On Sundays, you’ll find Chris Johnson at Sweet Home Ministries and on other days of the week you’ll also find him there, mentoring the community’s youth and spreading positivity.

For 11 years, Johnson spent time in prison for miscellaneous offenses but when his parole officer pointed him in the direction of Sweet Home Baptist Church, everything changed.

It was Johnson’s turn to give back what he never got and that was a new lease on life that began to take shape in prison.

“You got people in prison that are there for lack of mentoring, grown but don’t have no mentorship, the prison life for me I thank god for. I honestly believe, id be sitting here telling you a lie, I’m not going to be cliché, prison saved my life I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for prison or the system,” said Johnson.

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