Local church hands out presents on Christmas Eve

Marines and members of a church on the west side of South Bend spent their day putting presents into trash bags to hand out to local families. 

Toys for Tots had some left over presents this year, so they handed them over to Kingdom Christian Center.

Kids in the neighborhood said they felt hope and the Christmas spirit on Thursday. 

The church's pastor Canneth Lee called the Christmas Eve event, a "Miracle on Elwood Street."

Lee said, “It was lines of people all the way down the street this morning! So we’re excited and we’re glad to be able to do this.”

11-year-old Kayla Small said receiving presents made her feel special.

Small said, “Great and happy and very loving.”

Small said without the generosity of local volunteers, they might not have any presents under the tree.

Small said, “It’s very nice for people to give things to other people because it’s Christmas and the kids who don’t have can come and get. And it’s like nice to give so if we have a present that we don’t want, we can give it to someone!”

Some Marines with Toys for Tots stopped by to help church members pack the remainder of the presents.

Sgt. Dustin Olson said, “It’s for the families that didn’t have the chance to go to an agency to sign up.”

Altogether 1200 kids and 250 families received presents. 

Lee said, “It’s kinda like being part of a movie where it looks like Christmas isn’t going to happen and something happens and now it’s happening! So we’re part of a Christmas miracle. and we’re so excited about it.”

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