Local churches preparing for Easter services

NOW: Local churches preparing for Easter services

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- As we move towards starting to return to normal churches across Michiana are preparing for Easter services. While some have moved back to gathering in person celebrations will continue to look different this year, due to the pandemic.

Easter Sunday is one of the few days of the year where churches experience the highest attendance for services.

“Christ has risen. Whether we are worshipping outside. Whether we are worshipping inside. Whether we are worshipping remotely in our homes. Christ is still risen. That is not going to change anything," said Kenneth Locke, Interim Senior Pastor at Sunnyside Presbyterian Church.

Large gatherings have been looked down upon since the start of the pandemic, but that hasn’t stopped churches from still finding a way to come together.

Locke says this Easter he’ll be hosting virtual services with the addition of a youth led outdoor service.

“It is a communion service so we invite you to bring elements for communion if you would like that. That is bread and fruit of the vine of your choice. Either wine or grape juice we’re happy with either one," said Locke.

Protocols like masks, sanitizing, and social distancing will be required for those in attendance.

Other parishes will be returning services indoors this year, but pastors say that doesn’t mean it will be the same Sunday service parishioners are used to.

“We have singing but not like boisterous singing. We’re not allowed to do that, but because everyone is singing the choir singers they’re behind glass so that they don’t have to wear masks as they sing," said Pastor Terry from St. Thérèse Little Flower Church.

From incorporating photos into pews during virtual services - to creating overflow space - the goal is to ensure everyone is able to come together for a day full of worship.

“We’ll be using our gymnasium which we have a closed circuit live feed for them to watch as well. So we can fit like about 200 some in our church which is probably a third or a quarter of what we normally be able to fit in those same chairs and then an extra 100 or some in the gymnasium," said Terry.

There will be two morning services at 9 and 11:30 and one evening service at 8 pm for St.Thérèse Little Flower Church.

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