Local committee assigns new board members

A local committee, designed to help several Michiana communities reach their potential, has appointed their board members.

James Turnwald, Executive Director Michiana Area Council of Governments, said “Today all of the board members for the Regional Development Committee have been announced.”

Bringing this committee one step closer to their goal of $80 million over four years.

That money, which they are applying for through two grants from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, will be divided between St. Joseph, Marshall and Elkhart County.

Turnwald said that since this group started planning in November.

“It has been kind of intense to go through a very large planning process and consider the potential of over $80 million worth of projects.”

The development board consists of John Affleck-Graves, Executive Vice President of the University of Notre Dame, Dallas Bergl, CEO of Inovas Federal Credit Union, John DeSalle, Vice President of Engineering & Manufacturing for Hoosier Racing Tire Corp, Dr. Pete McCown, President of the Elkhart County Community Foundation and Regina Emberton, President of Michiana Partnership.

And with the help of this board, those funds can be used in the most effective and transformative ways possible.

“Their first primary job is to approve a regional development plan.”

A plan that Turnwald says will keep pushing Michiana forward.

“This is just an opportunity to continue to build on that momentum and continue to make this area a national brand, a great place to live work or play.”

It is important to keep in mind that this committee is only applying for the grants. The applications are due August 31st.

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