Local community gardeners prepare for spring

Spring is upon us and Michiana gardeners are jumping on board with the upcoming good weather.

On Saturday local gardeners met to discuss their upcoming work with the Potawatomi Greenhouse Community Garden in South Bend.

The work in the garden is led by co-founder Krista Bailey.

“People come for the food but mostly enjoy the community part of it,” said Bailey.

In operation since 2008, the garden is set up to run cooperatively.

“Each person grows a different crop and then we collectively harvest everything and divide it all up,” said Bailey.

Every gardener is asked to spend three hours a week working on their crops in the garden.

Bailey says when you’re growing it yourself the food means a whole lot more.

“It’s really been a great return for everybody to see how they feel healthier throughout the season eating this fresh food that they grew so it makes you feel proud and it makes you feel good,” said Bailey.

While all those great foods are shared among this group of local gardeners, Bailey says a sense of community is growing too.

“One of the really fun things about the garden is that I’m meeting people I never would have met before and folks that live all around the garden and in the neighborhood that I otherwise wouldn’t have met,” said Bailey.

For more information about the  Potawatomi Greenhouse Community Garden, click here. If you are interested in joining, Krista Bailey can be reached by email. [email protected]

For additional information about other local community gardens, click here.

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