Local companies backed up as rainwater fills normally dry basements

NILES, Mich. -- This year’s heavy rainfall has saturated the ground so much that it's sending water into normally dry basements. Now local companies are having a hard time keeping up with repairs.

Workers at Everydry Waterproofing of Michiana say they are seeing thirty to forty Basements a day.

Dave Sandusky has spent the last ten years working for Everdry and says He’s never seen anything like this year.

"Our business up over 45 percent for the year," said Sandusky. "Our phones have not stopped ringing."

He says they’re hearing from people who have never had water in decades of living in the same house.

"We've had so much water," said Sandusky. "There's nowhere for this water to go. The ground is so saturated and this is a house that is sitting in a hole 8 feet underground. Water is going to travel the path of least resistance. It's going down to this hole."

He says the rising water table is putting pressure on our foundations.

"You'll also notice on the floor you've got cracks. That's indications of pressure," said Sandusky. "There's pressure pushing up against this floor because there's so much water sitting in the bottom of this floor. It has nowhere to go."

It’s a problem keeping him busy homeowners waiting.

"Right now we are literally swamped," said Sandusky. "We are scheduled all the way out until October and November."

As the wait list grows and with storms lining up seemingly one after another -- there are some temporary fixes you can do at home.

"Make sure the gutters are clean," suggested Sandusky. "Make sure that the foundation doesn't have big holes in it or cracks, because water is going to go wherever there's a path of least resistence. So maybe put some type of waterproofing on the foundation."

Ultimately Sandusky there’s no substitute for the work the experts can do.

"In today's world all of the houses are built with a drain tile so this house will need to be updates with a new drain system."

Those updates will likely keep him working overtime until the end of the year.

If you are having problems with water in your basement and are still deciding on repairs -- you might want to think fast. Sandusky says they are booked through November and he says that seems to be the case industry wide.

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