Local company donates parking fees to charity

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- For two years now, a company in the area has found a way to cash in on the Notre Dame football home games.

For decades, Weichert Realtors has taken pride in giving back to the community.

But when the recession hit, that changed. 

"It just did not enable us to do our usual giving," explained Jim Dunfee of Weichert Realtors Jim Dunfee & Associates.

Shortly thereafter, the company started "Parking for a Cause".

They filled up their parking lot on Notre Dame home games, $10 per car.  One hundred percent of the proceeds went to local charities.

In the past two years, "Parking for a Cause" raised over $7,000.

"What we're finding happens is some people will come in here, the cost for parking is only $10, but because they believe in the cause of they came here to park to support the cause, they'll give much more than that," said Dunfee

On some occassions, people even match the total raised, doubling the amount of money that goes to charity.

"I feel great about it, I mean this is a real taking one for the team concept!" Dunfee said.

The last home game this year was dedicated to the Food Bank of Northern Indiana.  With the money donated, they were able to prepare almost 5,000 meals. Marijo Martinec of the Food Bank expressed their gratitude.

"To select us as one of their charities during the seven home football games we're really, really humbled." 

Dunfee said "Parking for a Cause" will always be a sure way to give back to the community, no matter the state of the economy. 

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