Local company sells pet caskets

ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. -- As a country we spend billions of dollars on our pets every year, but when our pet dies, you may not know what to do. That’s why a local man decided to get into the pet casket business.

The pet caskets are made in Elkhart County. They come in all different sizes from petite for a small bunny all the way up to grande that fits a small pony.

The CEO of Pet Honor Casket said it is an untapped market.

The wooden box can be used as a pet toy organizer that can later turn into a pet casket.

He says it is green, earth friendly, and lightweight.

“Pets on average have six to eight year life span. Now we all know some live 12-14 years but the average is six to eight years so we've got 180 million pets out there and most of those get brought to a veterinarian when they’re deceased in a plastic trash bag. And that is just no way that we would choose to treat our family member and our family beloved pet,” said Bert Molner, CEO Pet Honor Casket.

The caskets ship flat.

The company says all you need is glue to assemble them.

You can order them online ad they cost between $199 and $560.

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