Local doctor's clinic reaches settlement with Justice Department

The United States Department of Justice reached a settlement with a South Bend doctor who was accused of discriminating against a potential patient because of his HIV status.

Refusing to treat a patient with HIV violates the Americans with Disabilities Act.

According to the Justice Department, a patient with HIV alleged he contacted Pain Management Care P.C., in November 2014 and inquired about receiving cortisone shots from the doctor. The office allegedly refused to treat the patient because he had HIV.

The Justice Department alleges this was a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which protects people from being discriminated against because of a disability.

He forwarded relevant medical documentation to the office including an MRI.

An employee of the clinic called the patient later in the month and said Dr. Joseph Glazier would not provide him medical care "due to the risks involved with needs and blood due to his condition of being HIV positive."

The patient contacted the clinic and asked them to reconsider, but they refused.

The patient was unable to receive pain management care until he found another doctor in June 2015.

According to the consent decree, PMC must pay the patient who was refused service $20,000 and the US Department of Justice $10,000.

The office must also develop a non-discrimination policy, provide ADA training to its employees and submit annual reports to the United States.
A judge must approve the settlement.

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