Local drag performers find confidence on stage

NOW: Local drag performers find confidence on stage

The LGBTQ Center hosted its bi-monthly All Ages Drag Show on Saturday night.

Jason Wilkerson, the center’s Executive Director, said the group had to move to a much larger venue due to growing crowds.

“It’s a good way for people to just come and do something that’s fun,” Wilkerson said.

Aizen Kym, also known as Nicolas Troi on stage, said he first got interested in drag after college.

“One of my best friends took me to my first drag show,” Kym said. “Which was over at Truman’s in the 100 Center. So it’s been a little bit of a while.”

Kym said at that first show, it  sparked something inside of him.

“I wanted a safe space where I could kind of experiment and see is this who I am or is this just a persona that’d I’d like to portray as a creative outlet,” Kym said.

He joined the drag performing community in October 2017. Kym joined nine other performers, Saturday night at The Well near Indiana University at South Bend, as they wowed the crowd while lip syncing to Top 40 hits.

An event the center does every other month as they raise funds for various programs and support groups. Click here for a full list of the Center’s events.

“It’s very instrumental for our youth and for kids to be able to see different types of presentation,” Kym said. “As well as, be able to see you know there are people who support, who encourage, and love on people who have those identities.”

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