Local group throws after-holiday family dinner for homeless

ELKHART, Ind. --- More than 75 people were fed Sunday night at the 4th annual Elkhart South Side Family Dinner.

The event is put on by the Elkhart Chapter of the Indiana Black Expo and the city’s Southside Inc. every year after the holidays.

“We take eating good for granted sometimes,” said Robert Taylor, the event organizer. “We want them to eat like we eat.”

Taylor said the event is a huge potluck, where all the food is brought by people in the community for the homeless and those who may need a little help.

“The food is wonderful,” said Geoffrey Miller, who went to the event. “I like the smoked ham and everything that comes with it.”

Guests were fed buffet-style with mac-and-cheese, smoked turkey, sweet potato pie and much more. But many people said they came for the companionship.

“It helps people get to know each other and bring the community together,” said Miller.

Taylor said for three to four hours people get to escape reality.

“As you look around, you see people you never met, talking they’re enjoying each other no stress,” said Taylor.

Angel Green came to the family dinner and said that’s because everybody is welcome at this event.

“No matter what color you are, no matter what this is an event for everybody,” said Green. “Let people know that you care and that there’s people out there that really do care about the community and stuff.”


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