Local groups hold community conversations on immigration rights

South Bend’s Hispanic community had tough talks Wednesday in the wake of President Trump’s latest orders on immigration.

Dozens attended a community forum hosted by La Casa de Amistad and the ESPWA Group that addressed immigrants’ rights.

And the conversations had comforted many that showed up.

Attendees felt different emotions ranging from uncertainty, sadness and optimism following the latest news of immigration reform from the White House.

“I’m in fear; I can’t imagine how other family members feel who are not U.S. citizens,” said resident Anna Duron.

Anxiety in local Hispanic communities grows as President Trump moves forward with his promise to secure the border.

His plan was a hot topic at Wednesday’s event and it stirred disagreements but through civil discourse.

“Obviously people weren’t going to agree with everything on both sides of the aisle but it was very civil,” said panelist Kevin Burke.

The panel believes exchanging ideas and defending their beliefs is the true American way.

“These conversations are much needed in a time like this, so I would hope that people take this as an initiative to have more conversations like this one,” said panelist Rebekah Maya.

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