Local gun shop sees spike in sales amidst COVID-19 concerns

NOW: Local gun shop sees spike in sales amidst COVID-19 concerns

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- The risk of COVID-19 to your health is one concern, but that also is bringing physical safety risks to mind for many in south bend.

“In a normal week we see holster sales, cleaning supplies sales, random things. Right now we’re seeing ammo and guns, ammo and guns, ammo and guns," said owner and president of Femme Fatal Guns and Sporting Inc., Rebecca Bartol.

As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Indiana rise, so are sales at the Femme Fatal gun store in South Bend.

Bartol says business is booming at her shop, telling ABC 57 they’re getting as much business as they would in a week in a single day.

They’ve even had to shut off their phones to focus primarily on in-store customers.

Supply is steadily running lower day by day.

Bartol says manufacturers are in short supply, but as of now there are no purchase limits at her location.

"People are realizing we could get locked down. I don’t know how serious it could be but people are afraid that at a time like this there are those individuals in society that take it as a time to loot and do bad things and i hope we don’t have that," said Bartol.

Right now, the shop is limiting the number of people inside at a time.

Bartol says her business is taking it day by day awaiting any updates from authorities to pull the trigger on whether to close down the store.

For those who aren't confident in purchasing a gun, non-lethal weapons are available as well.

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