Local leaders gather in support for reparatory justice resolution

NOW: Local leaders gather in support for reparatory justice resolution

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A small gathering of local leaders and community members met outside the home of South Bend Common Council President Sharon Mcbride's home on Saturday in order to show their support for the Reparatory justice resolution.

The resolution was tabled in February, although the council announced the creation of a special committee to be formed in order to discuss and research the prospect of reparations in South Bend. 

Local leaders like councilmember Henry Davis Jr., who proposed the resolution, and district 3 council candidate Drew Duncan are both unhappy with the lack of progress that has been made by the committee.

"We talk about reparatory justice -- were talking exactly about how people can live in what we call South Bend and continue to be safe. It will be supportive. It will be conducive for growth. We’re not living that reality right now.” said Davis Jr. 

Duncan echoed a similar statement at the gathering and expressed frustration about the lack of action.

"So, these are issues that we can no longer ignore. They’re not in our peripheral vision, they're standing right in front of us and so we can no longer continue to pump things into committees that have already been studied and studied and studied. It’s time to stop kicking the can. It’s time for political, courage and accountability." said Duncan.

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