Local man releases children's book

 Mario Whyte, a 23 year old man who grew up in Elkhart, is releasing his very first children's book titled Willow and the Dragon.

Whyte told ABC 57 News that this book, which has easy-to-read text, and illustrations throughout, tells the tale of a boy who overcomes his fears with the help of his friends. But it's about so much more than just reading.

Whyte says it's important to give back to the community. And he is very pleased to be able to do that with the children in his community, with each page.

And the community shares his belief by coming together to support this local artist hoping it helps the local economy.

Kristin Saner, the Assistant Manager at the Better World Book store, said "we find it important because it allows us to get new books in our store, it allows us to support those authors that are local around here and it allows our community to get exposed to new books out there."
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