Local non-profit helping pet families feed furry friends

NOW: Local non-profit helping pet families feed furry friends

ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. - The past year has been tough for many, and for some, a helping hand with even just the basic needs can go a long way.

One local non-profit organization is giving back supporting families with pets. Organizers at the Elkhart County Feral Cat Coalition have been helping pet owners feed their furry friends for years. This year more than ever, they need donations to keep up with the demand, especially cat food, because the need is so high.

“It varies from month to month,” said Susan Roue, who does inventory checks for the Elkhart County Feral Cat Coalition. “We can feed between 300 to 600 cats and about 30 to 40 dogs. So we do feed less dogs.”

The non-profit organization started 4 Paws Pantry to support families by handing out pet food for furry friends. And with the pandemic, the need is even greater as families try to stay afloat during a difficult time.

‘A lot of these people have strays that they take in,” said Lucy Tener, the secretary for Elkhart County Feral Cat Coalition. “So, that, and then they had to stay home and being able to go get the food or something like that. I think that's more of the problem is being financially able to get it.”

Since the non-profit is low on food inventory to provide for pet families, they can only help families who have six or more cats to feed and cat caretakers who take care of a colony of cats.

“The ones that are one to five cats, we believe they could be able to afford that. But, a lot of our people that come have six to 10 to 25 cats to feed, and some have more than that,” Tener said.

The non-profit is constantly looking for donations. If you want to donate you can go to the Elkhart County Feral Cat Coalition Facebook page or go to Pet Supplies Plus in Goshen or call (574) 214-7125.

The organization will have an online auction on April 27 and a plant sale on June 5, 2021, starting at noon at 29604 County Road 10. All proceeds will go to the pet food donation.

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