Local officers cracking down on drunk driving

NOW: Local officers cracking down on drunk driving

BERRIEN COUNTY, Mi, -- A holiday weekend can mean some time off and spending time with family and friends, but according to police, it also usually means an increase in drunk driving. 

To crackdown on impaired drivers this year, the Berrien County Sheriff’s Office joined the ‘Drive Sober Get Pulled Over’ campaign.

It will go into effect starting on July 3 at 6 p.m. and will end on July 5 at 6 p.m. The campaign is an effort to keep the city safe during the holiday weekend, and it aims to put an end to drunk driving.

Chuck Heit, the Undersheriff for Berrien County said officers will be on the lookout for people driving impaired. 

 “Sobriety tests we do, all of our vehicles have the portable preliminary breathe test. So, we will go through, basically the investigation of someone who’s been drinking. And obviously, if you have, you’re going to be arrested, Heit said. 

The Berrien County Undersheriff said they have zero tolerance for drunk driving. He also said people can avoid getting pulled over by planning ahead by using a ride share service or having a designated driver. 

“When you choose to drink and drive, you not only put yourself and whoever is in your vehicle at risk but also that anyone else on the highway itself," Heit said. 

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