Local organizations raise awareness for Diabetes Awareness Month

It's diabetes awareness month, a disease that affects African-Americans at a higher rate than any other ethnicity. Now South Bend's Community Wellness Partners and the YMCA are encouraging everyone to get checked. 

86 million people have pre-diabetes, but only 10 percent are aware of that, according to the Center For Disease Control.  

So the Community Wellness Partners, and the Michiana YMCA are both urging people to get checked out. 

The YMCA in particular is offering a diabetes prevention program, which lasts 12 months with personal coaching and class sessions to make lifestyle changes. 

The CWP says one thing you should be watching for is an increased thirst level or constant dehydration. And to always be mindful of what you're eating.

"Develop a different diet, eat a lot of leafy greens and vegetables," said Jake Hughes, Minority Health Outreach Coordinator. "And don't look at diabetes like it's just a sugar disease or something my grandmother had."

It's imperative to know your status if you're a minority. Diabetes is a disease that affects them at higher rates, especially African Americans.

"It's a combination of our apathy toward diabetes, our eating habits, a lot of historical things," said Hughes. "That's what gives us the highest rate of diabetes."

You can assess your risk at the YMCA website. 

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