Local pantry needs donations to feed over 180 families

NOW: Local pantry needs donations to feed over 180 families

BUCHANAN, Mich. --- Resources at a Michigan food pantry are low as they are trying to serve over 170 families in the Buchanan and Gaileen communities.

The Red Bud Area Ministries are trying to stack up for the beginning of October. The beginning of each month is when staffers say their service is needed the most.

Kristi McPherson, Director of Red Bud Area Ministries, took to Facebook and tried to rally the community to come out and donate. See the post below:

“We never run out of food completely,” McPherson said.

As the month of September comes to a close, she said the post was need. Shelves that were empty when the post was made have now been restocked with all kinds of goods, because of community donations.

“We serve about 150 families a month, last month was 180, this month is about 170,” McPherson said.

She said most of the people that use the pantry are on food stamps or some government assistance program.

“A lot of people have had their food stamps reduced,” she said. “Their disability payments reduced, most of our clients are on disability or food stamps and with food prices going up it [money] doesn’t go as far as it used to.”

The pantry is known for providing clothes, furniture, food, and many other resources for families. Each family can take home anything from 30 to 50 lbs. of food, once a month.

Donations from the community are appreciated. Jean and Richard Beavo stopped by on Friday to drop off their donations, they both said the process was easy.

“If you donate that would be a great thing to do because what you don’t need may fill a great need for someone else,” Jean Beavo said.

Tonya Webster and her son are two of those over 150 families who use the Red Bud Area pantry. They were getting food for the month and clothes for a new job on Friday.

“I am not financially able to help him out I’m barely making it myself with other children,” Webster said. “He’s on his own just getting a fresh start with a new job and this is going to help him have the clothes he needs for work.”

The pantry is in need of breakfast food, canned fruit, and vegetables. Donations can be given at 708 N Red Bud Trail in Buchanan, Mich.

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