Local political expert weighs in on House impeachment vote

NOW: Local political expert weighs in on House impeachment vote

SOUTH BEND, Ind.—Local political expert Jack Colwell was live in ABC57’s studio on Wednesday to share his thoughts on the House of Representatives’ historic votes on the articles of impeachment.

The votes cap a three-month inquiry into the allegations that President Donald Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate political rivals and withheld U.S. security aid and a White House meeting.

“It’s clearly worrying President Trump. That strange letter that he wrote to Nancy Pelosi shows how concerned he is,” Colwell said. “I think he couldn’t help himself. I think he’s upset about this. This black mark that will forever be there, that he was impeached. He calls it a dirty word.”

Colwell said the six-page letter Trump sent to Pelosi on Tuesday is a compilation of the tweets Trump has put out over the last few weeks.

Two impeachment articles will be voted on by the House on Wednesday, including abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

Prior to the votes, the House will debate the impeachment resolution for six hours.

If the House votes to impeach the President, the proceedings will move on to the Senate.

“The Senate will decide whether to acquit or convict the President,” Colwell said, adding that he does not believe that the Senate will remove the President from office.

Colwell said that the historic vote could even help Trump’s reelection efforts, while he believes the vote will force Democrats to shift their focus to the upcoming presidential election.

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