Local reaction to Mueller testimony

NOW: Local reaction to Mueller testimony


SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- Former Special Counsel, Robert Mueller's. testimony before House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees on Wednesday drew some interest from people in South Bend. People like, Randy Moore, spent the day Wednesday checking in on the lasted developments from the hearing throughout the day.

"I saw it at the office I was just at, they had it on the tv so I was watching a couple minutes of it there," said Moore. 

Like most Americans, Moore said he had not read the full 448 page Mueller report prior to Wednesday's hearings. 

"I only read snippets of it so I haven’t read the full thing, so I guess I wouldn’t able to speak on it exactly," said Moore. 

Both Democrats and Republicans spent the day Wednesday trying to convince Americans to support their interpretation of the report, but Moore believes those arguments might have fallen on deaf ears. 

"I think people are pretty stubborn in 2019, especially up here in Indiana, so I think that people’s opinions are not necessarily going to change because of the report, but that doesn’t mean something might not get done," said Moore. 

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