Local relief efforts to Nepal

There are about fifteen volunteers with Feed The Hungry in South Bend who are looking for donations to help thousands who are in desperate need in Nepal.

As the death toll rises to nearly four thousand in the nation of Nepal, so does the need for help.

Stephan Radelich with Feed The Hungry says with the amount of destruction left behind after a 7.9 magnitude quake, the non profit is looking for the community's help.

“There was incredible destruction, tens of thousands of homes, just flattened, initially we are going to be targeting about two thousand families in the region where this earthquake struck”

Feed The Hungry does this by collecting money and supplies. Radelich says,the group has already made contact with relief efforts on the ground in Nepal.

"So we find people of faith houses of faith because they know their community well, they usually have a strong heart of compassion and have a measure of integrity." 

Feed The Hungry trusts those organizations to use the funds to buy much needed supplies locally because right now it is difficult to ship into Nepal, it would take extra time that Feed The Hungry does not want to waste.

Right now the critical items needed are rice, beans, and blankets, and it does not take much to make a difference.

“We know that about $60 will provide a month's supply of food and blankets for a family of five.”

You can donate to their website: feedthehungry.org

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