Local restaurant and church helping in Flint water crisis

The water crisis continues in Flint and now Michiana residents are stepping up to lend a helping hand.

Over the weekend, The Skillet, a restaurant in South Bend partnered with Bethlehem Missionary Church to collect cases of water.

“We got a phone call earlier in the week of a local church, Bethlehem Missionary, and what they were trying to do was raise water for their sister station in Flint, Michigan. This weekend we decided we were going to do something a little bit crazier," said David Vite who is Co-owner of The Skillet.

Vite said this was an opportunity for one community to help another during a time of need.

“We decided we wanted to partner up, trying to help our community at the same point of helping a brother community,” Vite said.

He said they expected to get water donations but did not know it would be so many.

“I was expecting that we would see about 2,000 people but instead we saw just over 3,000 people. What we’re looking at altogether is about three tractor trailers going up to Flint, Michigan to this small church so that they’re able to take care of the water and distribute it inside their church family,” he added.

On Saturday, the restaurant offered a free Polish dinner for anyone who donated a case or more of water.

“Michiana has always been a community that comes together and in times of need and I think they look at it like water’s just a necessity,” said Vite.

The cases will be loaded up Monday at noon and delivered to Flint. Volunteers from the community are needed.

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