Local restaurant introduces a new way of dining

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- This summer, many restaurants used outdoor eating as a way for people to dine safe during the covid-19 crisis. As winter approaches, businesses are continuing to adapt, and one local restaurant has another option for those wanting to be outdoors.

“So we really wanted you know two things with them. One is to be able to provide our customers something kind of new, fun and exciting in a sort of a dull world right now. Number two - we realize that a lot of people are nervous about eating out especially indoors as it gets colder, so our hope is that this provides our customers with a sense of security,” said Travis Parisi, Director of Operations of Parisi’s Ristorante.

Parisis Ristorante, off of South B end avenue, has built igloos for customers to enjoy. The igloos are filled with themed decorations as well as a heater to keep guests warm. The restaurant already enforces temperature checks and masks for their indoor dining. Now after guests leave the igloo, it is disinfected and cleaned out before the next party. They hope these igloos can provide more comfort for visitors.

“Even myself, I am a very very cautious person with what’s going on, just to keep them safe and my loved ones safe when I have had the opportunities to use them in other cities I have felt very safe in them,” said Parisi.

The igloos have already caught the eye of many looking for a new dinner ideas.

“We discovered it driving by on my way home, and I came home and I immediately was like Josh were going out to dinner tonight – date night, they have the coolest igloos up in the parking lot,” said South Bend residents, Jennifer Tullis.

Now booking the igloo for the night is very easy. It can be done online just like any reservation and with no extra charge. According to Josh and Jennifer, it is one of the best new ways to dine.

“It’s better than a regular restaurant, it’s beautiful – I hope it stays forever,” said the Tullis family.

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