Local shelters say they still need community help with roof repairs

A group of Michiana charity organizations say they still need help to keep their doors open after the roof to their shelter has seen numerous leaks.

It's a story we've been following closely here on ABC 57 news. We are told that the situation has gotten worse. The building is shared by Shepherds cove, Michiana Five for The Homeless, and Janice Care and Share. And just Thursday with the the rain pouring down, it created more problems. When we first reported this story, the cost to fix things up was estimated at $10,000 dollars. But now walls need to be ripped apart and heaters replaced, adding to the amount of money needed.

"We all do great things to serve the community from those in need for the homeless," said organizer John Shafer. "We have such a unique situation with three non profits working together it would be a shame for something like this to hinder us."

You can donate at this link. 

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