Local shoppers and businesses preparing for 'Stimmy Saturday'

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- If you’re eligible for the latest round of stimulus relief, how exactly are you planning to put that money to use? Local shops and businesses are getting ready for another weekend of busy crowds.

Many local businesses are looking forward to this much needed boost to their bottom lines. However, it turns out, it may not be the stimulus checks themselves that is causing all of the extra foot traffic.

Jeanne Skelton who owns the “Inspire Me” boutique in South Bend says people are just eager to be out and about after spending a good chunk of the past year stuck at home. She says increased vaccination efforts and warmer weather are also contributing factors.

 “They want to get out of house, and get new clothes, and go places,” says Skelton. “And people are planning and having weddings and they are looking for outfits to wear too.” 

Skelton says her business is actually seeing more business than usual this spring. To put that into perspective, she’s owned the “inspire me” boutique for 27 years. You find further information about Inspire Me, here.

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