Local showcase highlights Black artists

NOW: Local showcase highlights Black artists

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The Martin Luther King Center was the site of the Made-Art Showcase on Saturday, an event which highlighted Black artists from the area. 

Many artists feel as though the showcase gave them a place to be creative and express themselves alongside other artists.

Event organizer, Lisa Kowalski, is happy with the exposure that the event brings.

"It just exposes how much talent that we actually have here in South Bend," said Kowalski. 

Various art forms including rapping and dancing were included in the showcase.

Made-Art itself is a Black-highlighted art series that aims to allow for cultural pieces to be put in the spotlight. 

Students from local South Bend schools were also given a space to share their artwork. 

Dates have yet to be announced, but event organizers plan to have more installments of the showcase in the future so more artists can share their work.

"To create those spaces in our community are not just a thing we should have once in a while but a continued thing we need to have in our community," said Kowalski. 

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