Local sports bar prepares for busy football season

While the Fighting Irish are busy gearing up for the season, Between the Buns Sports Bar also has a lot on their plate.

“Everybody’s geared up for the games. Definitely business is going to be up here in the next couple weeks and we’re excited for it,” said Nicole Tobolski, Between the Buns General Manager.

Although the sports bar wasn't packed for the Colts vs. Bears game, they used it as an opportunity to get the staff ready for the weeks to come.

“It’s kind of a warm up for us, definitely. Training the staff and making sure everybody’s on point to give the customers the best service possible and make sure they come back the next home game,” said Tobolski.

Giving great service isn't easy with so many customers.

“There’s so many people at the bar that it becomes a fire hazard and we have to start getting people out,” said Rachel Benjamin, hostesses at Between the Buns.

Especially Fighting Irish fans.

“Everyone is so crazy, everyone is so happy and all ‘Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go,” said Kayla Bishop, hostesses at Between the Buns.

But the bar knows their customers well and has learned how to handle them.

“Having people come in for these types of games we can kind of get used to what’s going to happen,” said Tobolski.

And customers say, the hot spot doesn't disappoint.

“We love it. If they’re in an away game we will come and cheer on our friends. It’s just a great atmosphere for cheering on our team,” said Grace Guibert, Junior at Notre Dame.

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