Local steel manufacturers react to the Trump administration's proposed tariffs

NOW: Local steel manufacturers react to the Trump administration’s proposed tariffs


Aluminum and Steel Workers voiced their opinions about President Trump’s proposed tariffs.

Those proposed tariffs include a ten percent tariff on aluminum and a 25 percent tariff on Steel.

President Trump promised to deliver tariffs on aluminum and steel as early as next week.

Observers of both political parties and economists believe it will continue to have an impact on the market.

“There’s going to be a lot of upheaval. Responsible importers like Canada are going to be harmed. I'm concerned that our customers, our local customers, our regional customers who use steel in this country are going to be paying a non-competitive price compared to what you can buy steel for and make a part for in Europe” says Michael Lerman President of Steel Warehouse company in South Bend.

Residents of the Michiana area want to know what these changes mean for jobs and their lives personally.

Lerman says he doesn’t expect a big change in the short term but he believes there will be long term effects.

“In the long term they’re going to take a look and see what it costs to make a part in the United States, and what it costs to bring in a part from Mexico or whatever country they would consider.”

The President says he will make his decision by next Friday.

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