Local Super Bowl watch party celebrates black history being made

NOW: Local Super Bowl watch party celebrates black history being made

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- History was made on the field in Glendale, Arizona on Sunday evening, and it was being celebrated by black communities across the country, as it was the first Super Bowl game where both starting quarterbacks are black.

“This is a good story for specifically, people who like football, but especially for young black men that like football,” says Drew Duncan, 3rd District candidate for South Bend Common Council.

Black Lives Matter South Bend held a Super Bowl watch party for the South Bend community to celebrate the milestone in football history and black history.

“For young people, especially those who are playing football, it just shows them what’s possible,” says Co-founder of Black Lives Matter South Bend, Jorden Giger.

“When you follow the story of Jalen Hurts, he started out at Alabama, got benched, went to Oklahoma, balled out, went to the Eagles, now he’s in the Super Bowl!’” Duncan explains.

The Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes and the Eagles’ Jalen Hurts faced off on the field in Super Bowl LVII, but made a monumental stride together during Black History Month.

It’s something local leaders say is a long time coming for black quarterbacks in the league.

“When you hear how sports analysts have talked about black athletes in the quarterback position, it’s ‘They have the physicality, but not the brain of a quarterback,’” explains Duncan. “’They have this, but not everything a quarterback needs.’”

Mahomes and Hurts giving inspiration to young athletes that they can play the key position at that level, just like them.

“If you’re a football athlete, if you’re young and black right now, and you’re thinking about what position you want to play going into football or high school or whatever level you’re going to play at, it’s important if you want to continue that to be able to envision that you can play at any position and you can play at the highest level,” says Duncan.

No matter if the Chiefs or the Eagles take the Super Bowl win, it’s being seen as another step closer to black professionals on the highest platform setting a good example for others to look up to.

“It’s definitely history making,” says Giger. “I’m rooting for both teams and support both quarterbacks in their efforts to win a Super Bowl.”

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