Local vendors back in business

NOW: Local vendors back in business

ELKHART, Ind -- Elkhart Art Walk vendors easing their way in to marketing their products again, after the 2020 drought.

While the 3rf art walk of the year is in the books, the vendors are the main attraction for downtown Elkhart.

Many vendors getting their feet wet again, after missing out on so much in 2020.

"I mean they’re all happy to be back. They’re happy to have opportunity to sell their work and to interact with their community and to interact with each other. I think artist rely a lot on being able to spend time and collaborate and feed off of each other’s creativity." said Elkhart Art Walk program manager Alyse Chinnock

Before the art walk returned to downtown Elkhart, there was what many would consider, a missing piece to the city.

Not only because the event was cancelled a year ago, but for a county that has so many creatives looking to profit from their work, not having events to vendor for an entire year is not good.

"We’re looking forward to now that COVID’s gone getting back to getting in the public more often. Getting more awareness with what we do and we’re just happy to be here." said Art Walk vendor Dave Lux

To attend art walk, they're every second Wednesday of the month, from 5-8 p.m.

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