Local veterans launch project to bring homes for former service members

A project called ‘Mishawaka Troop Town’ is raising money to provide homes for former service members who are down on their luck. The community which will be located in the lot next to the VFW building on Jefferson Boulevard is a space founders are hoping will be a safe space for homeless veterans to restart their lives.

36 veterans were living on the streets here in Michiana within the last several months. That’s according to Jim Metherd, Co-founder of Mishawaka Troop Town, and it’s something he’s hoping to change come next year.

“The plan is 7 tiny homes right now just under 500 square feet per home," said Metherd.

The group calling the land right next to the VFW the “perfect location” is now working to raise the funds to make the rehabilitation project a reality.

“I think people, in general, are very supportive of our military and this gives them a way of giving back to the vets that did so much for them to keep their freedom," said Board Member, Warren Seegers.

The goal is for the community to become transitional housing for homeless veterans, providing them with an opportunity to get back on their feet.

“Support, educational, employment, health and wellness checks. We’re here to be a positive place in their lives," said Metherd.

Using donations from local businesses and the sales of personalized bricks that will be used for the property, the group is hoping to raise $180,000 before the end of this year.

All in hopes for them to break ground on the property starting next spring.

“That kind of support is beneficial it's gonna help us make that goal of $180,000 just to get the property so we can get this project on hand," said Seegers.

To learn more about the project or donate you can visit this link here.

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