Local voters and lawmakers react to impeachment inquiry

NOW: Local voters and lawmakers react to impeachment inquiry

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Impeachment is now on the table for President Donald Trump as Nancy Pelosi announced the House’s decision to move forward with an impeachment inquiry.

The announcement came Tuesday and has law makers and officials coast to coast talking. South Bend’s own Pete Buttigeg spoke with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on his pro-impeachment opinions Tuesday night.

Buttigeg said that he feels this decision could “change the American Presidency” forever.

And the buzz is not only in the public figure sphere—but right here back at home.

Voters from across Michiana are divided and still trying to decipher their own opinions.

One Plymouth voter against Trump’s impeachment, Mike Edmonton, says that “Now the democrats feel that they have another angle to try and impeach Trump which is all they’ve been doing for two years they have done nothing for the American people that they are supposed to represent.”

While on the pro-impeachment side, Mishawaka voter, Leighton Schmitt says, “It’s all part of the checks and balances process. Congress is there to check the power of the executive branch and that our congress people should support this kind of inquiry.”

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