Locals react to court blocking executive action on immigration

On February 18th, 2015, hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants were supposed to be able to apply for work permits, social security numbers and legal protection due to President Barack Obama's executive action on immigration announced in November.

On Monday, a federal judge in Texas temporarily blocked President Obama's executive action on immigration leaving those thousands in limbo.

“It's going to affect many people because they had their hopes placed in Obama and now that they have postponed it. Many were really happy they were getting their requisites ready,” says Alma Almortega. 

Almortega has lived and worked as a waitress in Goshen for five years. She is originally from Mexico and says her family and friends talk about immigration policy.

“I always see that they are making promises and promises so I don't really give it too much importance. But I know there are a lot of people who are upset,” says Almortega. 

Apathy and agitation are exactly what local immigration attorney Felipe Merino has been getting from people this week.

“And now that this is happening many people are feeling that perhaps executive action is not going to be taking place,” says Merino. 

Merino says many have come to him feeling discouraged.

“Many people see that the President issued an order and that the President took actions to help them and now we are stuck in a situation where folks feel discourage,” says Merino. 

Merino believes this issue will be resolved in favor of President Obama's order.

“I'm pretty confident that once the court of appeal gets involved we won't be dealing with these issues anymore,” says Merino. 

Regardless of the halt, Merino still encourages those who qualify for deferred action to move forward with the process.

“The President is in the White House for two more years so people have to prepare and get there documentation ready. Once the court of appeals takes action and says individuals will be able to more forward the time frame will be very small,” says Merino. 

Merino explained that the President has ordered the Department of Justice to get involved. So now the Department of Justice is now headed to New Orleans where the Court of Appeal is requesting that the government move forward with the Executive Action. 
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