LOGAN All-Stars eager to face South Bend Cubs in exhibition game

“I’m tough, I’m a tough cookie,” said Connie Shaver.

“I’m pretty good at batting,” said Monty Huddleston.

Tuesday, the LOGAN All-Stars played the South Bend Cubs in an annual exhibition game for LOGAN's friends and family night at Four Winds Field.

The Director of Marketing and Communications for LOGAN is glad to see what the game represents.

"The community partners with LOGAN in so many ways and the game is just sort of a celebration of that community spirit,” said Nancy Miller.

I spoke to the All-Stars before the game to ask if they were nervous.

"No, not at all. I'm a pro,” said Huddleston.

Connie Shaver is a returning player.

"They cheered me on real good last year, they said 'High five Connie Shaver’,” said Shaver.

She says she has been preparing to run the bases.

"I'm used to exercising a lot now. I have an exercise bike I use every day,” said Shaver.

But in the end, it's the effort from the all-star team and their message that counts.

"We're gonna try to do the best we can... for LOGAN,” said Bobbie Hatten.

After speaking with the players, they told me it never matters who wins, they look forward to this match-up every year.

For more information on the LOGAN Center and their resources, click here.

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