Logan Center bowlers allegedly mistreated at Chippewa Bowl

NOW: Logan Center bowlers allegedly mistreated at Chippewa Bowl

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- Social media posts were shared hundreds of times accusing employees at Chippewa Bowl of mocking a bowling group from the Logan Center and calling them names.

The Logan Center sent home a letter with parents Friday telling them they would be moving their bowling nights to Parkway Lanes in Mishawaka.

Parents said they were shocked employees of Chippewa Bowl would make fun of anyone would special needs. One parent said he approached a manager after receiving the letter and was told it was none of his business. He was then asked to leave because the manager said she was helping a paying customer. 

Tom Funk, Owner of Chippewa Bowl, took to Facebook Sunday to apologize and announce they were investigating the claims.

“All of a sudden Friday night a bunch of Facebook posts starting showing up saying we’re never gonna go to Chippewa again because all this stuff happened,” Funk said.

However, he’s unsure if any wrongdoing took place.

“Nobody has told us who our employee was who did this or what time they did it or what they did,” Funk said.

One thing is for sure though – any employee found mocking a person with special needs would be terminated.

“If we did something, I feel really bad, we were gonna take care of it but I just don’t know what happened,” Funk said.

Funk plans on calling the Logan Center Monday to try and resolve the problem. He’s hoping they’ll be able to give him at least a name or description of any employees involved so he can take appropriate action.

Now, Parkway Lanes in Mishawaka is making arrangements to make sure the group from the Logan Center is accommodated.

Dave Sehoen, Manager at Parkway Lanes, said after officials from the center called him Friday, they immediately got to work to make sure the bowlers could still have a good time.

“They need about 10-12 lanes, they need some assisted bumper and gutter guards but other than that it’s no different that, it’s no different from any other group we’ll have,” Sehoen said.

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