London Bridge terrorist attack: 7 dead, 48 injured

NOW: London Bridge terrorist attack: 7 dead, 48 injured


Police in London are collecting evidence after two terror attacks in the heart of the city.

At least seven people killed, dozens more injured and the three suspects, shot dead by police within minutes.

According to Metropolitan Police the attack started late Saturday night when a white van drove through many pedestrians on the London Bridge.

Sunday morning, there’s new reaction coming in from a witness who saw it unfold.

According to eyewitnesses, they saw a white van speeding across the London Bridge, swerving and then hitting multiple people.

Police say the suspects proceeded to stab multiple people, even an officer on duty who was responding to the first attack.

A man with a knife entered two restaurants at Borough Market, just blocks away, and stabbed two people in one restaurant and one in another.

As of right now, seven have died and 48 victims have been taken to the hospital.

An eyewitness says the attack was like a big panic with people screaming, running with tears from what they were seeing.

“So many different emotions going on…I saw a lady, a small family, blocking her kids around a small corner cause she probably seen something I hadn't seen.,” says the eyewitness. “The looks on their faces you could tell from their faces they're not going to recover so well from that.”

Police say the male suspects were wearing what seemed to be explosive vests, but that later was confirmed to be fake.

Since the attack, 12 people have been arrested. This is the third terrorist attack, since March to hit the UK.

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