Low river levels means changes for utility company

Mishawaka, IN -- When it comes to fishing, James Shorey has twenty-two years of experience casting the line out. He usually doesn't have a problem catching fish, but this year has been tough.

"The water levels help out a lot as to what bites," Shorey said. "I've never seen the river as low as this."

Low river levels means a lot more than just poor fishing conditions. At the Twin Branch hydroelectric plant, water has stopped flowing over the top of the dam.

And it's had a big impact on those who depend on water for power.

"All of our hydro-facilities generate enough power to power 22,000 homes or one very large industrial or commercial customer," David Mayne, a spokesperson for Indiana Michigan Power, said.

He works for AEP and said even though less electricity is being generated from the dam, water is still being pushed through.

But until it rains more, they'll have to focus on other sources of energy to serve their customers.

"We have a diversified portfolio of generation that includes fossil fuels, nuclear power, and of course hydropower, and some wind," Mayne said.

And for Shorey, he plans on fishing where the water is highest for the time being; all in search, for that next big catch.

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