Lunchroom Landfills

 The my plate program from the USDA enforces drastic changes to what public school children can eat. 

It is promoting healthy eating, school districts are welcoming to it but many students are tossing fresh fruits and vegetables into the garbage. 

Nationwide 600 schools have dropped out of the program.

Reason being, there is a lot of wasted food. 

The national school nutrition association found an 80 percent increase in cafeteria waste since the my plate program started nationwide. 

Along with more brown bag lunches being packed. 

In the Hoosier state alone one study showed 3.8 million dollars worth of food is being tossed out. 

Locally Mishawaka and South Bend school districts admitted they are seeing some food waste. 

Mostly whole grain items that the kids are not getting use to. 

The good news is, the districts I spoke with tell me they do their best to donate excess foods and they try to make food as appealing as possible. 

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