Lutes Heating & Air helping elderly veterans without heat

NOW: Lutes Heating & Air helping elderly veterans without heat

GRANGER, Ind. --- One Michiana business wants to make sure no one is cold during this deep freeze --- that’s why they’re offering to fix the heat for free if you’re over 65 or a veteran.

Since Tuesday, Lutes Heating & Air has made service calls to 52 homes and returned the heat to all of them.

Sharon house has suffered without heat in her home for nearly a month and was one of those happy customers. Now, thanks to Lutes Heating & Air, she’s saying goodbye to the space heaters!

“It’s wonderful! It’s wonderful!” House said. “We’re gonna have some heat and we’re not gonna have to wear long johns in the house!”

Dave Thomas, a salesman for Lutes Heating & Air heating and air said this is the least they can do for the community.

“From January 29 to February 2 at noon,” Thomas said. “With these temperatures, the way they are, it’s actually dangerous. So if the furnace goes out and you don’t have heat that’s gonna be a real problem.”

After turning off the heat for just 30 minutes Wednesday, the coldest day of the year, the temperature dropped from 68 to 63, proving just how dangerous it can be to have no heat during this deep freeze.

“I really, really appreciate them,” House said. “It’s nice to think oh I can go around the house without having a blanket on me just to stay warm.”

The Lute’s team has a few words to describe what it means to them to provide this service to others in need.

“Absolutely priceless!” Thomas said. “I mean it brings happiness to everyone in our company that we can do that. It’s so nice to be able to do a service like this and to be able to bring our expertise and help people in the community is awesome.”

There’s still a few days left on this offer from Lutes Heating & Air. The service call is free and most repairs like Houses’s have stayed free, with just a part needed to turn the heat on. However, if the fix is more complex the guys at Lutes said they’ll work with customers to get the heat on and worry about the payments later.

For those 65 and over and the local veteran community who are still in need, call Lutes at 574-272-0538 to schedule a service call. The offer ended Feb. 2 at 12:00 p.m.

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