MDOT tracks snow plows in real time

NOW: MDOT tracks snow plows in real time

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. – The Michigan Department of Transportation is touting a feature on their website that allows users to track snow plows. 

Snow plows can be tracked virtually in real time on major roadways such as I-94, M roadways and U.S. 31. 

“On the MI Drive website, it’s an interactive map, it has several layers on it but one of these layers is the GPS tracking on all of our snow plows,” MDOT spokesperson Nick Schirippa said. 

MDOT representatives say this feature will improve safety.  

“Anytime you can offer folks a more complete picture of what the roads look like when they’re going out, whether it’s for their morning or evening commute to and from work, they’re taking their kids to soccer or going out on a date with their partner or whatever it is you can arm people with more information they can make more informed choices,” Schirippa said. 

MDOT says this feature fits into their budget and won’t be a new added cost to the public. 

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